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Linear scaling allows you to convert raw logger data to measurement units or to calibrate sensor readings.

Two raw values and the corresponding measurement values are entered to obtain the linear scaling relationship.

Simple textual documents may not require visual design and may be drafted only by an author, clerk, or transcriber.

Forms may require a visual design for their initial fields, but not to complete the forms.

An often cited article concludes that "the evolving notion of document" among Jonathan Priest, Otlet, Briet, Schürmeyer, and the other documentalists increasingly emphasized whatever functioned as a document rather than traditional physical forms of documents.A conventional document, such as a mail message or a technical report, exists physically in digital technology as a string of bits, as does everything else in a digital environment.As an object of study, it has been made into a document.Onset is continuing to develop user-friendly Data Assistants to make analysis of your data even easier.Most Data Assistants are included with standard releases of HOBOware Pro, such as Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Growing Degree Days, Grains Per Pound, Barometric Compensation, Linear Scaling, Pulse Scaling, and k Wh Assistant.

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Artisan Vida Perez Velazquez has created a range of superb shave soaps with intriguing scents that rival some of the big names. Welcome, What we have today is a rare look at the making of a Charlie Lewis straight razor.

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That Matthew and Luke (to take two of them) borrow heavily from Mark—often copying passages word for word—make clear that they’re not eyewitness accounts.

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Some girls even squirt - and while I have had to deal with really weak squirters who also take a ton of time to finally eek out a little liquid, I have also found a few girls who are like Old Faithful with how much and how well they can make themselves squirt.

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The site is geared toward singles but has a mix of individuals in varying stages of relationships.

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About Site Author Bibliography Buddhism in Japan Busshi Glossary Carving Techniques Cycle of Suffering Drapery/Robe Guide Mandala Guide Mudra Guide Objects Guide Pilgrimage Guide Shinto Guide Statues by Artist Statues by Era Symbols Guide Terminology A TO Z INDEX 3 Element Stele 3 Monkeys 4 Bosatsu 4 Celestial Emblems 4 Heavenly Kings 5 (Number Five) 5 Elements 5 Tathagata 5 Tier Pagoda 5 Wisdom Kings 6 Jizo 6 Kannon 6 Realms 6 Nara Schools 7 Lucky Gods 7 Nara Temples 8 Legions 8 Zodiac Patrons 10 Kings of Hell 12 Devas 12 Generals 12 Zodiac Animals 13 Butsu (Funerals) 28 Legions 28 Constellations 30 Buddha of Month 30 Kami of Month 33 Kannon About the Author Agyo Aizen Amano Jyaku Amida Nyorai Apsaras Arakan (Rakan) Arhat (Rakan) Ashuku Nyorai Asuka Era Art Tour Asura (Ashura) Baku (Eats Dreams) Bamboo Benzaiten (Benten) Bibliography Big Buddha Birushana Nyorai Bishamon-ten Bodhisattva Bonbori Artwork Bosatsu Group Bosatsu of Mercy Bosatsu on Clouds Buddha (Historical) Buddha Group Buddha Statues Busshi (Sculptors) Calligraphy Celestial Emblems Celestial Maidens Children Patrons Classifying Color Red Confucius Contact Us Daibutsu Daijizaiten Daikokuten Dainichi Nyorai Daruma (Zen) Datsueba (Hell Hag) Deva (Tenbu) Donations Dosojin Dragon Drapery (Robes) Early Buddhism Japan Ebisu Eight Legions En no Gyoja Estores Family Tree Footprints of Buddha Fox (Inari) Fudo (Fudou) Myoo Fugen Bosatsu Fujin (Wind God) Fukurokuju Gakko & Nikko Gardens Gigeiten Godai Nyorai Goddess of Mercy Goddesses Gongen Gravestones Hachi Bushu Hachiman Hands (Mudra) Hell (10 Judges) Hell Hag (Datsueba) Hell Scrolls Henge Hikyu (Lion Beast) Holy Mountains Ho-o (Phoenix) Hotei Idaten Inari (Fox) Ishanaten Ishidoro (Ishidourou) Jikokuten Jizo Bosatsu Jocho Busshi Juni Shi Juni Shinsho Juni Ten Junrei (Pilgrimage) Jurojin Juuzenji Jyaki or Tentoki Kaikei Busshi Kamakura Buddhism Kankiten Kannon Bosatsu Kappa Kariteimo (Kishibojin) Karura Karyoubinga Kendatsuba Kichijouten Kitchen Gods Kishibojin (Kariteimo) Kitsune (Oinari) Kokuzo Bosatsu Koujin (Kojin) Komokuten Korean Buddhism Koushin Lanterns (Stone) Links Magatama Making Statues Mandara (Mandala) Maneki Neko Marishiten (Marici) Miroku Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu Monkeys Moon Lodges Mother Goddess Mudra (Hands) Myoken (Pole Star) Myo-o Nara Era Art Tour Newsletter Sign Up Nijuhachi Bushu Nikko & Gakko Ninpinin Nio Protectors Nyorai Group Objects & Symbols Onigawara Phoenix (Ho-o) Pilgrimage Guide Pottery Protective Stones Raigo Triad Raijin (Thunder God) Rakan (Arhat) Red Clothing Reincarnation Robes (Drapery) Rock Gardens Sanbo Kojin Sanno Gongen Sarutahiko Sculptors (Busshi) Seishi Bosatsu Sendan Kendatsuba Seven Lucky Gods Shachi, Shachihoko Shaka Nyorai Shape Shifters Shichifukujin Shijin (Shishin) Shinra Myoujin Shinto Clergy Shinto Concepts Shinto Kami Shinto Main Menu Shinto Sects Shinto Shrines Shishi (Lion) Shitenno Shoki Shomen Kongo Shotoku Taishi Shrines Shugendo Siddhartha Six States Star Deities Stone Gardens Stone Graves Stone Lanterns Stones (Top Menu) Suijin (Water Kami) Symbols & Objects Tamonten Taishakuten Tanuki Temples Temple Lodging Tenbu Group Tengu Tennin & Tennyo Tentoki or Jyaki Terminology Tiantai Art Tour Tibetan Carpets Tibet Photos Tibetan Tanka Transmigration Ungyo Unkei Busshi Videos on Buddhism Water Basin Weapons Wheel of Life Yakushi Nyorai Yasha (Yaksha) Zao Gongen Zen (Daruma) Zen Art Tour Zodiac Calendar Zochoten36 pages.

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Chat lines are a great, easy way to develop conversational skills in the comfort of your own home with less stress and anxiety than you would normally get in person. Most of these chat lines will only give you a 30-60 minute free trial.

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This site provides quality over quantity and is great for those looking for a long term relationship.

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Besides, the site has more than 2 million members and many of them are active members, when check it out, you can always find thousands of members are online and active there. It is free to sign up and you can create your profile, browse others’ profiles for free.

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Avec un engagement de connecter les célibataires du monde entier, nous apportons l'Asie au seuil de votre porte.

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Christian Singles in New York Christian Singles in Los Angeles Christian Singles in Chicago Christian Singles in Boston Unlike traditional Christian dating sites, e Harmony matches singles based on compatibility.

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the singer took up a bigger billboard than hers, right across the street. we'd say Taylor's got more to prove here -- and more turf to claim in this epic billboard face-off.

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Don’t think you will change that person later on in life because that rarely happens and only makes things worse. He loves you and does not want you to be one flesh with a person that won’t accept his son. An ungodly husband or an ungodly wife cannot do God’s will in marriage. 1 Corinthians But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler.

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Whilst this may come as a surprise, it’s not the first study to suggest millennials aren’t as interested in racking up notches on the bedpost as you might think: last year, research by found that less than seven percent of people in their 20s have sex two to five times per week and 49 percent of twentysomethings hadn’t had sex at all in the past year.